Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Renowned photographer Ansel Adams in northern New Mexico Photographer: David Roybal Date: 1978

The retardation is strong in this one

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White Swan, an Omaha man. - 1883

Your good news of the day

Another huge win for civil rights was scored in today’s Wrenn v. DC decision out of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal District of Columbia Circuit, of all places.   The decision invalidates the District of Columbia’s prohibitionist “good reason” constraint on the lawful carry of arms in public for purposes of self-defense.

The case involved a request by the plaintiffs for a preliminary injunction of DC’s “good-reason” law, which constrains the right to carry a firearm in public for personal self-defense, while the law was being challenged on the merits in District Court.

So, it's not really a final win, as the losers will certainly appeal to the Supremes, but it is a very encouraging sign that even on a hyper liberal court there are judges who will protect our constitutional rights agains the liberal assault.

California should take notice, given the recent passage here of state laws intended to make law abiding gun owners into criminals, and making owning a gun very difficult due to the many legal hoops that it is necessary to jump through to buy or feed a firearm.

Always, the Democrats/Progressives seek to take away our individual rights, and socialize us into a mass of squirming, squealing dependents with no will or motivation other than to appeal to the whims of our political rulers.